ARIA DI FAMIGLIA - Pelizzari Studio


“Our task is to try to save beauty” had Philippe Daverio write in one of his art history lessons.

Our task is to try to save beauty” had Philippe Daverio write in one of his art history lessons.

And Pelizzari Studio of this mantra has absorbed and declined every nuance of it, intervening in the architectural recovery of an early 20th century villa in the heart of Brescia.

At that time a new middle class was forming, emerging from industry and commerce, which the Lombard city was recognizing.

Pelizzari Studio’s principals, a ‘charming couple with two children, had been looking for their own family residence for some time, and finding it in this neighborhood, with other similar residences nearby but well spaced from their gardens, had been a real stroke of luck.

The silence, the greenery that surrounded it, but above all the majesty and ‘grandeur in its three floors and then the magic of the interior, to be renovated yes, but with their own great personality, had contributed to the decision to buy it.

The mansion looked solid, but of course the ‘intervention had had to be capillary, starting from the reinterpretations of the functions, proceeding with all the professional figures and craftsmen.

The result was a project with curious solutions, such as the creation of a small guest bath, obtained from the underside of the entrance staircase, or the division of the interior walls with frames and pilasters that were missing or never existed, for a new scenic apparatus.

And as for coup de foudre, the villa had left us wide-eyed once we crossed the entrance the first time,” says Claudia Pelizzari, with its scenic staircase and high frescoed ceiling. So why not add to the ‘excitement with the lamp ” Sempre mia ” by Viabizzuno and a drape of raw silk and jute by Dedar falling from above?

The use of old wallpaper revisited enhanced certain walls as if they were stage backdrops, while the house’s original doors were repainted peacock-colored and adorned with new etched brass handles designed by Pelizzari Studio.

Everything was being delineated in a bourgeois narrative, never to be taken for granted, shot through with unusual accents that affect the architectural design score.

Such as the decision to include in the dining area a pair of containers with water-colored beveled wood doors to accompany the large table with its irregular Calacatta Gold marble top.

And then bookcases and small containers of modern antiques, wall sconces 50s or lamps with soft light, sculptures or works of ‘art loved, as if to emphasize the presence of parallel eras, increasing every day what had been a choice of love.