ART ALLURE - Pelizzari Studio


17th-century convent in the center of Brescia, Lombardy, was converted into a museum in the 1950s.

The latest restoration, overseen by Pelizzari Studio, transformed it into the residence of a jeweler couple united in private and professional life.

The quintessence of their interests is fully reflected in the residence, dominated by contemporary art collections and oriental pieces chosen and loved during their frequent professional and spiritual travels together.

The whole stylistic figure chosen by the design, combines historical recovery with the dimension of elegant modernity.

They wanted to respect the soul of the place, as well as its original context, preserving brick walls or all the surrounding green area that was used as vegetable gardens, converting it back to a garden.

The result is a Flat articulated in a large central space, which includes the living room in which iconic pieces and expressly designed elements are inserted, a kitchen with industrial connotations, the master bedroom area and the guest area. The decor of each space lies between art, design and each element finds balance in the endless journey between rationality and sensuality, in a continuous alternation of surfaces of the materials used, as if to tell the lives of those who occupy these spaces filled with beauty and love.