AUDREY - Pelizzari Studio


Interpreting a boutique as a contemporary space where to sell women garments and accessories.

A retail project that required combining product exhibition with the needs and inclinations of the customer.

Our objective was fully respected, as already visible from the shop wide windows: the walls are painted in natural shades and divided between white and grey, the floor is all covered with a worn-looking resin and the flats are in natural iron.

The design of the display units was born from the desire to create something able to make the products live; we realised natural black iron frames with 90 degree angles, in restrained dimensions to guarantee merchandise accessibility.
Another distinctive element of this store are the stretched plate panels positioned behind the counter, which allow countless visual merchandising configurations.

The desk is a floating Mutenye wood monolite covered with mirroring glass, that almost disappears into its surroundings