BIAGIONI SALÒ - Pelizzari Studio


An 18th-century palace overlooking the Gulf of Salò, just a few meters from the water.
Over time, a series of remodeling projects had nearly deprived the building’s interior of its original personality. Only a few rooms with frescoed ceilings remained intact.

At the ground floor, the “Biagioni Salò” seafood restaurant opens onto the garden and occupies the rooms that offer views of the lake.

The project needed to be all-encompassing, both in terms of redefining the interior architecture and in the selection of sophisticated technological solutions.

Exhaustive historical research made it possible to accurately articulate the spaces in a way that would restore their genius loci.

Stuccowork appears in conjunction with velvet fabrics, almost as if to rediscover the refined stylistic simplicity of the Italian hinterland.

The use of high-quality materials, a key theme of the project, did not preclude unusual combinations such as parchment and straw. Wallpaper in a foliage print with burgundy accents greets us at the entrance to a priveé, the walls of which are occupied by cabinets stocked with fine wines.

The flooring in the main dining room, in tesserae of Botticino marble and black grout, unfolds in a play of concentric circles, almost as if to assert that nothing is more monotonous than a space in which everything is perfectly linear.

The fish counter in front of the entrance to the main dining room is a showcase of fine design and artisanship. Surfaces in white Breccia Capraia marble with violet-colored veining are combined with details in acid-finished brass and eucalyptus wood strips.

Designed with a sophisticated clientele in mind, the atmosphere is intimate in every zone of the restaurant. Round tables and comfortable velvet armchairs, in soft tones that recall the nearby lake, from olive green to sand, are arranged in a series of small spaces beneath vaulted ceilings with fine plasterwork and beautiful frescoes.

And because every restaurant with allure must also feature impressive washrooms, here the elegant interiors give way to a series of fun design solutions that unfold in an unusual selection of materials, colors, textures, taps, fixtures, and lighting, all perfectly balanced. Verde Alpi and Breccia Capraia marbles are combined with moss green pleated glass, berry-colored paint, taps in etched brass, and matte black washroom fixtures.

This project offers an ulterior example of the stylistic correctness that makes Studio Pelizzari’s stunningly unique interior architecture and design work immediately recognizable.