METROPOLITAN LOFT - Pelizzari Studio


Located in a hilly area at the foot of the Italian Alps, this metropolitan loft apartment is minimalist in both configuration and color scheme.

The use of resin flooring is the cornerstone of the project. At the entrance, a glass wall protecting a display of football jerseys worn throughout the client’s career is reflected in the mirror of the guest bathroom, the walls of which are entirely finished in Cor-Ten steel.

The master bedroom is a true luxury suite, with one wall covered with sand-colored Alcantara padding, in contrast with the other walls, which are painted in powder-blue tones. This room is completed by a spa and dressing room, both entirely glazed, enhancing the size of the space.

The children’s bedrooms are finished in brighter colors, from powder-blue base tones to elements in cyclamen.

Large glass doors open onto a terrace covered with teak slats, the rubber finish of which brings to mind the decking of a yacht.