This holiday apartment in a vintage building overlooking Lake Garda was given an absolutely unique and stunning makeover.

The finishes were chosen to echo the effect of the light that reverberates on the lake throughout the day.

The walls, covered with wood paneling, host just a few pieces of carefully chosen art in order to preserve the sense of rarefied fluidity that only a place such as this can transmit.

An elegant but charismatic selection of materials, including linens and velvets, allude to the stories behind this historic building.

The aquatic color scheme in the living room is interrupted by incursions of black or eucalyptus wood, carefully calibrated to enliven the tone of the project.

A sofa in peacock green dialogs with a moss-colored ‘70s armchair that floats on slender legs over the natural oak flooring.

The dreamy mood of the whole is disrupted by the boldness of the coffee table and the dining table, with their etched brass frames and marble tops in different colors.

The bedrooms feature padded headboards covered with Lithuanian linen and small tables in dented wood that serve as poetic nightstands, conjuring images of times gone by.

Surrounded by mountains, this lakeside holiday apartment transmits a sense of charm, relaxation, and well-being.

To quote George Simenon, “the lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world.”