Settled on a sloping site not far from the village of Tuscania, this old stone farmhouse initially built without foundations, immersed in its natural setting and surrounded by hectares of land cultivated for olive oil production, transmits peace of mind.

The first step was to dismantle the structure, numbering the stones one by one so that it could be rebuilt according to modern standards.


The result is a highly technological home with every comfort that nonetheless retains its original appearance. A basalt stairway leads up to the bedrooms, each bearing the name of the plant visible from its window, and all offering direct access to the garden.

Local traditions are reflected in the stone walls, in the original fireplaces, and in the chestnut ceiling beams, while the furnishings are selected from diverse times and places. In the soft and cozy atmosphere, casual yet refined, technology complements an eclectic blend of rustic touches, antique furnishings, vintage pieces from the ‘50s and ‘70s, and works of contemporary design, including the dining room table in burnished stainless steel and sessile oak.