ROMAN HOLIDAYS - Pelizzari Studio


This interpretation of metropolitan living is for a couple of tireless travelers who have made this penthouse apartment their home base in the center of Rome.

Located in a building designed by the architect Piacentini in the 1930s, the roof-top apartment, which features ample terraces, has been remodeled several times over the years.
Custom detailing has restored the glamorous nature of the spaces. In order to successfully combine elegance and livability, nothing has been left to chance.

It is here that the couple entertains their friends in Rome upon returning from their travels.

Japanese burl wood had to be extendable, while nonetheless fully capturing the plays of light created by the luminaire mounted on the ceiling over it.

Conceived as a sort of jewel box just large enough to contain a few fascinating pieces in sensuous surroundings, the apartment conceals domotic systems that provide complete control over each space.

The genius loci of this home is the informal elegance with which it makes both the owners and their guests feel welcome