Walking into this penthouse apartment in the center of Milan is a captivating visual experience. Surrounded by light, we find ourselves drawn to the magical skyline just beyond.

The Gothic cathedral spires and the CityLife towers seem to jump out from the gray horizon and in through the windows of the apartment. Pelizzari Studio’s design approach was guided by the idea of giving the overall space a sense of clarity so as to best showcase the furnishings that were being created expressly for the project.

The spaces would also host a large collection of outstanding contemporary art works. In fact, the clients’ request for the redesign of the existing 400 sq m apartment was based on their desire to carefully insert the artworks into the family home while respecting the special requirements of each piece.

A reinterpretation of the original floor plan made it possible to optimize the use of space while creating original and inventive environments, such as separate dressing rooms for the man and woman of the house, a large home gym, and a master bedroom with gray slatted boiserie to conceal the entrance to the bathroom. The latter space was designed based on the concept of a streamlined hedonistic refuge.

The Calacatta marble in the bathroom dialogues with brass cornices and extends into the shower stall, where one of the glazed partitions overlooks the home gym.

The selection of furnishings alternates playfully between extravagant and rigorous pieces, creating a fresh and original balance. The living area combines classic pieces of Italian design, including sofas by Cassina and Edra, with works by Pelizzari Studio, such as the irregularly shaped table in Patagonia marble, and the open wall unit in eucalyptus and brass for displaying collections of books and objects.

Light reigns supreme throughout, both artificial, as provided by carefully placed Viabizzuno luminaires, and in the form of sharp clear natural lighting. The overall effect is a lively sense of freedom that accurately reflects the vibrant contrasts of this iconic city.