THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN - Pelizzari Studio


A farmhouse in one of the best-preserved and secluded valleys of the Alto Adige, near the Austrian border, required complete reconstruction.

We dismantled it piece by piece, preserving the old timber and the stones that had been smoothed by time. By preserving every detail as we rebuilt with larger dimensions, we were able to enhance the unique qualities of the original building while employing precision technologies and modern design standards.

The layout was reorganized entirely in order to create a vacation home that would comfortably accommodate a professional couple from Lombardy and their guests.

Special emphasis was given to the bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, as well as to the sauna, which features a large window with a sweeping view of the Austrian mountains.

The interior walls were faced entirely with reclaimed wood, creating a soft, muted environment that we furnished with traditional pieces, design elements, and contemporary art.

The result is a delightfully appealing ambiance where nature is permitted to enter, generating spaces with dreamlike intimacy.