THE OYSTER CIRCLE - Pelizzari Studio


THE OYSTER CIRCLE is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Its 400 members own approximately 70 holiday homes, each worth 3 to 5 million euros.

In this typical Italian villa on two floors overlooking Lake Garda, we created a
contrast between antique and modern furnishings to enhance the spaces while making guests feel comfortable.

Some of the special features of the property include a loggia that runs the length of the building, century-old trees, and an infinity pool that appears to flow into the surface of the lake.

Guests are greeted as they enter the home by surprising black walls, a modern mirror with galvanized frame, and a pair of honey-colored lamps.

This play of contrasts is repeated throughout the living area, where the terracotta flooring features darker tiles around the perimeter. In the kitchen, the centerpiece consists of a large white exhaust hood.

Together with the exposed wooden edges along the entire length of the worktop, it inspires a relaxed sensation of airiness. Each bedroom is painted in different colors to harmonize with the headboard panels, ranging from salmon to olive green, powder blue, and cappuccino.

The finishing touches include chrome and glass detailing, for a modern effect that enriches the geometric forms.