The hills of Turin form the backdrop to this castle, which looks onto a small town square.

Throughout the centuries this historic building has managed to maintain a precise connotation of elegant residence.

The original frescoes were carefully restored, as was the original design of the garden, with its small layout of box hedging.

The upper floors, once secondary residences, have been remodeled for the owners’ son, who expressed a desire to live in contemporary surroundings.

The luminous spaces are framed by an interweaving of antique ceiling beams and trusses, almost as if to illustrate the passage of time.

A simple and clean decorative language was chosen, incorporating unusual and refined textures in the form of resin castings, acid-washed brass, and fabrics in fascinating colors and patterns.

Modern paintings in bright colors create an evocative backdrop for contemporary art pieces and custom furnishings.

The considerable cross-contamination of styles and periods helps create a rarefied, dreamlike world, in a journey across time and beauty.