THE ROOM OF WONDERS - Pelizzari Studio


Several projects had been proposed for this space over the years, with none of them reaching an optimal solution.

The fundamental objective was to give a special character to the entrance hall of this apartment, which is located within a recently renovated historic home.

At the same time, the space needed to be livable, with a well-defined use. The clients’ desire to devote a part of the entrance to bookshelves became the pretext for the concept of The Room of Wonders.

The space has taken on the demeanor of an antique library, with custom shelving that also serves to showcase objects and artworks from around the world.

In amongst the Chinese vases, books, and archaeological finds are two paintings by Picasso. A luminaire recalls the ribs of a dinosaur, reinforcing the atmosphere of history and culture.

The fixture is mounted over an aluminum desk that is also laden with echoes of the past, with its form evoking the streamlined wing of a 1950s airplane.

A steel coffee table, with top in carbonized wood, is positioned over a wool rug with geometric patterns.