TRAIT D'UNION - Pelizzari Studio


The atmosphere is sophisticated, elegant and refined.

The entrance, the lounge, the dining room and the kitchen are blended in a “continuum” that dilates the spaces without a solution of incessancy thanks to the use of the grey lacquered boiserie with wide horizontal slats.

The hidden doors, the shieldings in glass with fabric inserts, when needed they divide the spaces, that find again independently their refine atmosphere.

An acid-etched brass upholstered septum is the protagonist of the entrance; it is balanced by the ebony Macassar panel and by the console in Jacaranda.

In the dining room we find again the acid-etched brass in the legs of the table in eucalyptus and in the details of the glass and fabric door that close the kitchen, letting the light and the transparency coming into. In the dining room, we find the combination with the natural iron and the finishing in lacquered lead grey cut stones of the cupboard.

The kitchen is linked to the dining room through the continuity of the materials and colours.
The window that show the Castel of Brescia is like a painting with colours and lights never the same during the all day.

The living, characterized by the double height, thanks to the presence of the loft, it is dominated by the bookshelf and the sofa in ash grey fabric.
The wall in peacock green reflects the glass window that frames the vineyard of the hill.

All the details are wisely designed, especially where the technical necessities have requested particular solutions to be hidden.

A special attention to the lighting design that emphasizes the architectonical details, the decorative characteristics and the contemporary art pieces.

Everything is carefully studied in order to obtain unique pieces.

In the bathrooms, there is the presence of precious marbles connected the stones and the woods matched with the brass.
Large shower stalls, cinematic, with spaces that create a relaxed atmosphere.