URBAN OASIS - Pelizzari Studio


Fashion and relaxation: two words to describe this penthouse apartment in a leafy residential zone of Brescia, which an entrepreneur couple chose as their new home.

A large terrace with swimming pool enclosed in transparent walls and a hanging garden with gently swaying pampas grasses create the perfect setting for the rooftop dwelling’s principal relaxation zone.

The interior speaks the language of contemporary sartorial design with well-proportioned refinement and simplicity.

The various environments are tied together by exacting attention to details and color choices.

Unexpected design elements follow one after the other, as if in a playful game. In the living room, a large, irregularly shaped table in Patagonia marble stands in stark contrast to the wall behind it. The latter, painted an unusual powder blue, hosts a large mirror by the artist Sabine Marcelis.

An industrial-style glazed partition opens onto the kitchen, which features a central island and a “hidden” zone with large, glossy-painted cabinet doors that close off the workspace.

Polished and metal surfaces are combined with rough or oxidized surfaces to create an alternation of unusual textures, including a wardrobe in the entry with brushed leather covering and irregularly shaped handles in oxidized brass, a bookcase in oxidized brass, a bookcase with acid-finished uprights, and a coffee table with top in matte-finish marble and an iron base.

The dual theme continues in the bedrooms, where textured wallpaper by Fabs Carte in bronze tones acts as a counterpoint to the sculptural elements.

The wall behind the bed, covered in gigantic, irregularly shaped shingles, and the chest of drawers in brass and corrugated aquamarine glass are fun, unique works that confer a sense of individuality.

Throughout the apartment, the subtle nuances in sand and greige are abruptly illuminated by the bright colors of poufs and throw pillows, while bold selections of contemporary art imprint the whole with a sense of audacity.